Posted by Paula Moss on Nov 1st 2019

Guide to Choosing Best T Shirt Type for you

‘Your best T-shirt should be like your bed; it just feels like you are home when you are in it.’ — Ashton Kutcher

Simple to tell and easy to understand, a t shirt is a piece of clothing named after the letter T which is formed by its body and sleeves. T shirts have been an essential clothing item since its invention. Initially, it was used as inner-clothes but with the passing time, it got adopted as outerwear. One of the main reasons for it being an essential item in every closet is the fact that it is super easy to wear and provides ultimate comfort levels to mind and body.

Change in T Shirt Styles — Its Yesterday and Today

T shirts originally evolved as a round neck and short sleeve piece of clothing made of cotton fabric, its basic reason being a piece of inner-wear. But as it became more and more popular to be worn outside, this simple attire adopted fashion and style trends that very few other garments can fit into.

Today t shirts come into many shapes, styles, and sizes. It is no more just a complimentary piece of clothing, but a stand-alone garment that has developed into a next level industry offering so many type and style options that any fashion enthusiast buyer could easily be tangled into this complex web.

To help you ease in your quest for deciding a t shirt type, you must know what differentiates each of these t shirts shapes, styles and sizes. Below is a list of brief notes on some key points and sub-points that might help you.

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