Posted by Apparelforest on Sep 22nd 2016

Promoting Your Business with Custom Apparel

One of the greatest marketing tools available is the word “free.” There’s a very good reason why large stores are always offering “buy one, get one free” specials, and “free giveaways” are a staple of events of all kinds.

Simply put, people love free stuff!

While giving away your products in a promotion can be a good attention grabber, there’s quite a bit more potential in giving away custom-branded merchandise. T-shirts are a commonly-used giveaway because they turn any customer who wears them into a walking advertisement for your business. Your customer is happy because they got a free gift, and you’re happy because you get free marketing!

These win-win promotions can be easily tied in with your normal course of doing business. If you run a restaurant, you can offer punch cards that award a free T-shirt after ten visits. Retail stores can offer a free t-shirt as an added bonus when the customer purchases a certain amount of product. Every business should give away free branded t-shirts at their grand opening! The possibilities are out there, and the potential boost to your brand awareness means they shouldn’t be overlooked.

What makes this method of promotion even better is the relative ease in having these shirts printed. We’ll assume you already have a logo, mascot, tagline, and other branding – you need only submit what you’d like to a custom printing service like Apparel Forest to get started.

Of course, you’re not limited to t-shirts! Custom hats, hoodies, and polo shirts are all a possibility. We can print them all, and we offer bulk pricing discounts to our already low prices for custom work.

At Apparel Forest, we’re dedicating to a satisfying ordering experience and quick turnaround. We welcome you to submit any questions you may have about ordering custom branded t-shirts or other garments directly to our friendly customer service reps.

Let’s work together to get your brand out there. We’re looking forward to it!